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The Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina

About PO BiH

Message of the Chief Prosecutor

Dear citizens,

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina celebrates its tenth year of existence in 2013.

This institution has, together with other judicial institutions and law enforcement agencies, invested huge efforts in prosecuting persons suspected/accused of the most serious criminal offences, including organized crime and war crimes.

The citizens that were keeping track of the activities of the Prosecutor's Office could note that this institution is determined to combat organized crime, corruption and terrorism and to prosecute perpetrators of war crimes aiming to establish the rule of law and create a safer environment for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its future generations.

As the Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office of BiH I assure you that I will invest the very maximum of efforts to strengthen both this institution and cooperation between the judicial and security institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina aiming to ensure more efficiency in the fight against all types of crimes falling within the jurisdiction of the Prosecutor's Office of BiH. 

Furthermore the Prosecutor's Office of BiH will continue to undertake extensive activities aimed at implementing the National War Crimes Strategy in order to solve as many war crime cases as possible in future and bring those responsible to justice. 

In the years to come we shall have the European integration process ahead of us, which will require a stronger engagement of judicial and police institutions, more effective fight against all forms of crime as well as creating an atmosphere of the rule of law and the state in which the law-abiding citizens feel secure and protected while offenders and criminals will not be able to escape with impunity.

In the period to come I will insist on a more intensive fight against corruption, especially  in corruption cases involving high level officials, as well as corruption cases of abuse of office and cases involving huge illicit gains. 

A recently held EU-BiH Structured Dialogue on Justice meeting resulted with the adoption of a set of recommendations that envisage strengthening of the BiH Prosecutor's Office capacities, especially those of the Special Department for War Crimes, as well as relocation of the Prosecutor's Office of BiH to a new building where the Prosecutor's Office will be the sole occupant. 

These steps will expedite our work and enhance efficiency in case handling.

The fight against organized crime will also be intensified focusing on crimes which seriously jeopardize the public safety and harm the young population, such as Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs and other serious criminal offences. 

The Prosecutor's Office of BiH will strengthen its cooperation with all police and judicial agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as with police and judicial agencies in the region and the European Union given that the past cases have indicated that the arms of organized crime often spread across several states, while organized criminal groups often include citizens of several countries. 

Apart from the aforementioned the activities related to strengthening of the regional cooperation in war crimes processing shall also be intensified. To this end, the Prosecutor's Office of BiH and the prosecutor's offices of the neighboring countries have signed protocols aiming to improve efficiency in prosecution of war crimes. 

We are faced with the tasks and activities which should help Bosnia and Herzegovina improve security and create an environment that will facilitate the progress of our country in the Euro-Atlantic Integration and its future membership.    

Rest assured that the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina will work intensively in the future in order to improve the overall progress in the realm of judiciary, security and the rule of law for the benefit of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our website aims to inform the citizens about the Prosecutor's Office of BiH, to make more information available through the news and information concerning our work, as well as through the history of this judicial institution, its internal organization, manner of operation and its good cooperation with law enforcement agencies as well as with citizens and local communities.

We hope that you'll enjoy the content of this website and find a lot of useful information about the Prosecutor's Office of BiH, the mission of this institution and its role in establishing the rule of law in the future.


Goran Salihović
Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office of BiH




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