07.02.2012. 12:25

Prosecutor of the Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption within the Prosecutor's Office of BiH issued an indictment against Robert Dominiku, born on February 27, 1954 in Peć - the Republic of Serbia, where he resides, a citizen of the Republic of Serbia - Kosovo, who has been in custody since December 16, 2011.

The accused is charged that on December 12, 2011 in Kosovo - the Republic of Serbia, as previously agreed with a person known to him and in the intention of acquiring unlawful gain, he bought 11.80 kg of the narcotic drug Marijuana (Cannabis), which was declared a narcotic drug by the conventions and legal provisions and whose traffic is prohibited by applicable provisions of the Law on Production and Distribution of Narcotic Drugs and under Article 53 of the Law on Prevention and Suppression of the Abuse of Narcotic Drugs.

The indictment alleges that Robert Dominiku handed over the aforementioned drugs to an unknown person on December 13, 2011 who then transferred this drug across the border between Republic of Serbia and BiH and than handed it back to Robert Dominiku, who arrived to Sarajevo a day earlier to wait for the narcotic drug, in order to continue with its transfer to the European Union countries. Robert Dominiku took the narcotic drug Marijuana to an apartment in Sarajevo, used by a person known to him, where he was deprived of liberty by officers of the State Investigation and Protection Agency - SIPA.

The estimated value of the narcotic drug Marijuana (Cannabis), that was seized from the accused Robert Dominiku, on the illegal drug market is around 21 240 Euros.

The accused Robert Dominiku performed an unauthorized international traffic of substances or preparations that were declared narcotic drugs by regulations, and is thus alleged to have committed the criminal offense of Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs under Article 195, Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of BiH.

The indictment was forwarded to the Court of BiH for confirmation