19.03.2013. 15:53

By order of the Prosecutor of the Special Department for War Crimes within the Prosecutor's Office of BiH, the investigators of the State Investigation and Protection Agency-SIPA have on March 19, 2013 arrested  Nedžad HODŽIĆ aka "Džon Vejn", "Džoni" and "Nećko" - born on March 15, 1962 in Novi Pazar - Republic of Serbia, permanently residing in Sarajevo, citizen of BiH and the Republic of Serbia.

Nedžad HODŽIĆ was deprived of liberty in front of the Detention Unit of the Court of BiH, after being released from custody, pursuant to the Decision of the Court of BiH, where the original remand in custody was ordered due to grounded suspicion that he participated in the commission of war crimes in Trusina village - Konjic municipality on April 16,  1993. 

Nedžad HODŽIĆ was deprived of liberty due to grounded suspicion that, as a member of the Special Purpose Detachment of the Supreme Command Staff of ARBiH "Zulfikar", during the period from January to August 1993 he committed the criminal offense of War Crimes against Civilians under Article 173 of the CC BiH and War Crimes against Prisoners of War under Article 175 of the same Code. The criminal offenses in question were committed against Serb prisoners of war camps "Silos" and "Krupa" located in Hadžići and against Croat prisoners of war camp "Musala" in Konjic, who were brought to Mt. Igman by members of the same unit.

There exist grounds for suspicion that Nedžad HODŽIĆ has tortured and sexually abused a total of 29 of these prisoners and to have killed prisoner Jadranko GLAVAŠ. The suspect will be handed over to the Assigned Prosecutor within a legal deadline, who shall question him. Following the questioning the Prosecutor's Office of BiH shall file a motion to the Court of BiH to remand Nedžad HODŽIĆ into custody.