30.08.2012. 15:45

Prosecutor of Department III within the Prosecutor's Office of BiH issued an indictment against the following person: 
Salih LELIĆ, born on January 5, 1980 in Bužim, where he resides, with prior convictions, a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The accused Salih LELIĆ is charged with having crossed the border illegally outside the border crossing in the afternoon of April 19, 2012 in his off road vehicle and with having cut 5 (five) square meters of beech for heating wood at the site of Radočaj - Bužim municipality, along the border line with the Republic of Croatia, which he imported by evading customs control into Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He was detected in such activities and caught by patrol officers of the Border Police of BiH.The accused was detected in similar activities on several other occasions from September 2011 by members of the same unit, for which he was given minor offence warrants for illegal crossing of the state border.

The accused is charged with having, in this manner and by evading customs control, moved goods across the customs line, thereby committing the criminal offense of Smuggling of Goods under Article 214, Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of BiH.

The indictment was forwarded to the Court of BiH for confirmation.