28.05.2012. 15:32

Prosecutor of the Section III of the BiH Prosecutor's Office has filed an Indictment against Ljubiša Blagojević, born on 19 October 1971 in Foča, resident of Foča, with prior convictions, a citizen of BiH.

Allegedly, on 07 August 2011, around 11:15 PM, using a passenger’s motor vehicle of make VW Passat owned by a third person, the accused Ljubiša Blagojević arranged with a person from Montenegro known to him that this person transports to him 410 cartons (4100 boxes) of Ronhill cigarettes with excise stamps of the Republic of Croatia in the total value of 11,480.00 BAM, from Montenegro to Bileća (Bosnia and Herzegovina), which cigarettes he took over in Bileća in order to  resell them and thus gain profit.

Since the accused did not have documents on the origin of goods, or documents on import of goods to BiH, or approval to engage in trade, which is in violation of the Law on Excise Duties in BiH (‘Official Gazette of BiH’, No. 49/09) and the Book of Rules for Enforcement of the Law on Excise Duties in Bosnia and Herzegovina  (‘Official Gazette of BiH’, No. 50/09), he was prevented from its further resale by police officers of Trebinje Border Police Unit.

The accused Ljubiša Blagojević is alleged to have unlawfully attempted to put into circulation or sell products not marked with control and tax stamps in the manner prescribed by the BiH tax legislation, whereby he committed the criminal offense of Illicit Trade in Excise Products under Article 210(a), Paragraph 1, in conjunction with Article 26 of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Indictment has been forwarded to the Court of BiH for confirmation.